I work on Saturdays photographing endless episodes from the series ‘The Story of Love’ so Sundays have become the substitute day off. We do like a drive into the paddocks and again we find ourselves at Doug’s place, Captains Creek Winery. Everything was against the planned Sunday fun-day event this weekend, the poor weather, Spring Fest & Flower Fest. However it was still a nice Sunday session. The jazz trio ‘Red’ played by the warmth of the fire and Doug’s investment in  a wood fired pizza oven paid off. We snapped up a bottle of sparkling Pinot Noir and a few pizza’s. Although our stay was short because I had work to do, it sure was appreciated as a slight distraction from reality for me.

If you have nothing to do on a sunny weekend and are in the area, make the effort and visit the cellar door and relax. You won’t regret it!

If only they did Pizza parties were you can make your own pizza’s! Pine nut pumpkin…..Jamon wrapped over buffalo mozzarella……pesto and potato….Cherry Tommies with Merediths Goats cheese and pesto….YUM!!