It’s been fairly hectic since September. It’s my busy season as with good weather comes many weddings. There is’nt much time in the week to unwind and go do something interesting other than collapse on the couch after work. I’m working 6 day weeks and to top it off I’ve been getting up at ungodly hours and walking the dog to improve fitness etc. Yay finally I might be able to get those nagging monkeys off my back (love you all dearly…wince). The weather is temping me to pack up the pick-up and head to the hills for a few days of hunting and fishing, away from all the frustrating things, like Facebook, small talk, the many flaws of societal expectations and most people.

My first fully free weekend is coming in a few weeks maybe I’ll escape and return to my savage ways for a few days then.

But there’s always SOME commitment so it probably won’t happen. Sob.