The Heads (Port Phillip Bay entrance)

Smoked Ocean Trout in light cream & lemon (campsite cooking)

Kim got a new cast iron slow cooker from Mum and Dad. I was the first to use it. Cheeky me. 3 Hour Chicken with Chorizo and Borlotti Beans

The girls helped of course.

Dunkeld getaway. 15 years and still smitten,

The biggest patch of wild Stinging Nettle. I wanted to cut it all down and make a home brew beer or a soup, but apparently foraging the wild larder is not a done thing on an anniversary getaway.

Talbot Farmers market. The best we’ve been to by far.

You can love your chooks, but just don’t LOVE your chooks.

Some of the best produce was available from the region. My kids ate fried chips and chicken nuggets. Parenting fail.
Happy kids though.

Back to Captains Creek Celler door. The best come down Sunday afternoon hang out.

Try the olives.

I always look at this pic on the wall, and old family hunting trip, looks pretty successful too!
The Captains Creek vineyard is set on a farm that has been in the family for many generations. It’s full of history, such a warm place. You can feel the hard work that has gone into the farm, the love for that lifestyle is evident too.

An old ferreting box. We found one of these at an old wares place and I sanded it down and it’s now our bread coupe.

Could the rural imagery be any more perfect?

What are you staring at? Get eyes for Christmas did ya?

Doug, doing his wine talk. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the special treat of Sparkling Pinot.

Look Dad! Mums placed me in a dangerous pose….

Talbot Market treasures.

The penguin classics will sit nicely in my hipster collection in my hipster book shelves.

All finished off with a Duck egg breakfast.