I haven’t actually written much about our recent Tasmania trip, I was hoping that photos might just do the job. But suffice to say the place is inspirational. It’s magic is alluring for those with a sensitive heart. It’s heritage and warmth is overwhelming at times. Sure there are some three headed dodgies but on the most the people are friendly, although its probably best NOT to mention your from the ‘mainland’.
If I didn’t have to worry about money etc I’d move there in a flash. Here is more of my ‘photo essay’.

There’s always one odd road sign.

This was still the daily drive for someone in Cignet.

I’m hipmotized by salmonoids!

A typical fishing lodge. If only my life was this simple.

Almost every 20km you drive over something like this.

Cath and Drews place was amazing…..

These were in the old wood fired bakery at Cath & Drew’s. Yum!

Although not the name I would have been born with pending other circumstances, Anderson is now my last name. Here’s one of the clan.

Our Bothwell camp site.

Best way to shake off the travel blues for a kid. The town swings….

On the road again. Gee Dad…I’m tirrrreedhbjtnh’l