Some family travel adventures are just around the corner which has got me thinking of past trips, which I’ve had time to do this week with the last few days at home on ‘Mental health leave’…literally. When the packet says ‘TAKE ONE EVERY DAY’ there is a reason. Enough said.

While hauled up I’ve been able to look at some pics from a trip we did three years ago, and I’ve managed to finish making the books. Yes it’s taken me three years. The plan is to make a book per country to create a kind of library of family adventures. I’ll have to make one called Tasmania very soon. So far I’ve been able to make London and Paris.

Going through the photos was fun, even being a photographer that gets paid to take photos for an income I still like to do the family documentation. Actually I just like to take photos of like whatever, cause I’m like an artist and stuff. You wouldn’t understand. The burden I carry.

We heard and saw so many scooter crashes in Paris. Nut jobs, all of them.