I while ago I scanned some of the old family photos so we’d always have a digital backup. I don’t know all the people, I have to ask Mum and Dad who some of the people are but I can see the family resemblance in their faces. If it wasn’t for their lives my very existence would be in question. Whatever course of events happened in the past I’m thankful for. Although I’m not sure I’m keen on the photo of Dads rear when he was taking photos of Swans on Lake Wendouree. But when I look at the army uniforms, the catch of the day shots, the wedding days and neat dress sense I can’t help but get sentimental and nostalgic.

My Mum. Isn’t this a work of art. It looks like something Dorothea Lange might have taken.

Gee thanks for ‘improving’ the view Dad!

One of my favourites. I bet he used up all our family luck catching this one.