Getting my own gun. It’s been a contentious issue at our home for many years. Actually it’s there’s been more deals made than forming a post Australian hung parliament. But it seems that I may have had a victory (actually maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon). Being 2010 I’ve had to do the course, pass two exams (of which I did, and passed), fill out miles of official paperwork, provide a formal reason to want to hunt, provided an approved referee and still I don’t know if I’ll get approval for a license. Bureaucracy at it’s finest.

If I do finally get the approval then at least I know what I want to get, which is completely different to what I WILL get, lets not forget I still need approval from the house CFO. I’ll basically be hunting small game which is plentiful in the rural area we live in. So I don’t need anything too high powered.

I know there are a heap of views about hunting, and each to there own. I’ve been fishing since I was a kid and I don’t see the difference between the two (ethics discussion ensues, whether we should still hunt for food or whether we should cuddle and kiss the animals to death). I’m also a realist and understand that even if your a vegetarian you’ve still been involved in killing an animal, whether it be roadkill from transport, agricultural chemical poisoning and even worse the permanent habitat removal clearing land to grow crops.

I respect the people that don’t eat meat purely because they themselves couldn’t actually kill and process an animal. I respect that. But political vego’s with highly emotional arguments drive me batty. For us country people that are more exposed to the reality of food production, we tend to have a more holistic approach to the topic. Plus you can’t beat a slow cooked rabbit stew with a glass of local Pinot Noir.

Now come on. Please hassle me with your personal arguments while I flick through the pages of my rifle catalogue.