After 60mm+ of rain in 24 hours you’d think we might get a break. Maybe a little sunlight would be enough to entice my assorted seeds to germinate. Not so lucky today. It rained again. Sporadic no doubt but enough to put a hold on outdoor hi-jinx. Although challenged as I am by the lack of radiant weather I was consoled by being the first out of Tone and myself to raise the first tomato seedling for the season. Not that it’s a competition. But if it were, I clearly won.

Some things that made me smile this weekend.

Got these in a hardware outfitters store in NYC called Daves. Smashing purchase.

Rocket gone to seed. Prettiest veggie ever.

eBay purchase of the month. Yes made in mexico.

Had to make another batch of tommie relish. The last batch flew off the shelves.