So I dragged these two old freight pallets off a country roadside all wet and dirty into the Kombi, much to the disdain of the girls….ooohh dirt. I didn’t have any immediate plans in mind but eventually after staring at them leaning on the BBQ for a few weeks I came up with an idea. Not brilliant I’ll admit but practical. I began to pulled them apart with the intention to make a little planter box around the tree on our nature strip (of which I still have failed to identify, all I know is that it bares no fruit and one day might ‘accidentally’ fall over and be replaced with a apple tree). Hopefully the wide planter box will deter the 9 to 5er’s from parking out the front of our place on weekdays, which is one curse of living so central. I’ve filled the box with some wildflower mixed seeds from Diggers Club and a few flowering plants that Laney picked. It looks pretty plain now but give it a month or so and it will be as charming as a car salesman.

Stage 1. (Excuse the obvious Man car dominating the background, it can’t help being so manly, it’s an innate feature of Billy the Truck)

Stage 2. Planted!