The weekend is poking it’s lovely head around the corner. Thanks goodness too I might add. It’s been a rather average week. I mean I don’t want to sound like a winger but man has it been a shit week. I have everything I could ever want really, but sometimes everything can still get me feeling average. This weeks it’s outstanding bills, cold weather and unachievable dreams. I’m sick of small talk, sick of pretending, sick of being socially polite. When its the weekend I can finally be myself. I only wish I could be the real me everyday. But unfortunately I have to play the game and talk to people.

We have bugger all cash flow this week so a weekend in is in order. I might plant some veggies and play in the garden. Might go eel fishing.

To those people that don’t shit me….have a nice weekend and soon I’ll have you over for an outside feast, minus scarves and jackets, where the wine flows like water and the best bits come from the rump. MMMMM rump.