I’ve always been a dreamer, or as Mum politely informed me when I was young, I was ‘idealistic’. I don’t mind it, it’s great to be able to visualize things, and the wild imagination that comes with it can be useful. The only downside is that at times during my ‘adult’ life when I’ve longed for a different idyllic life I’ve suffered the curse of the ‘grass is greener’. Which if it’s been an unachievable scenario it inevitably brings me down with quite a thud. Does that make sense?

Anyway for those of you that may not know, a large part of my growing up years where spent on the other side of the state in a small rural town called Jindivick in West Gippsland. You might be familiar with the cheese that comes from the factory there. Anyways, we had a small lot running beef cattle. That place was such a special place. Rolling green hills, good fishing, great produce and the slow pace of country living. Since we sold it and moved to Melbourne permanently back in the 1990’s I’ve been longing for that lifestyle once again. We are at the moment looking for a decent size acreage to set up a place on with the intention of one day moving there permanently being almost self sufficient. That’s a dream, an achievable dream. Must stay focused.

To begin with we won’t have much on it, some produce and a little livestock. Our plans are to build something inspired by huts and cabins from the past. Something to tie us over for weekends and such. And we’ll be searching high and low for building materials from house wreckers to reduce the old carbon footprint and recycle what materials we can. Exciting stuff eh? Well we’re excited.