What is it about old stuff that makes us so sentimental? I’ve always been a sucker for the old and the well used. These inanimate objects carry a story, a mystery and if your lucky and want to acquire said items they can be cheap. I can do cheap. However the old thing we rode on was not for sale, and dare I say it wouldn’t be cheap to buy. Although the kids did ride free. Another thing that puzzles me is the surprising number of single middle aged balding train-spotters.  They were everywhere, waiting at rail crossings camera’s in hand,  on the platforms talking in tight groups of males, not looking awkward in any way, and on the train trying their best to conceal that childish look of glee.

In anycase we had fun. The kids loved it. We did it for the ‘kids’. I did a terrible job at concealing my childish gleeful face. I even stuck my head out the window to get a wiff of steam engine smoke. Train-spotter as charged.