Over the last decade we’ve been changing in the way we view food. More and more we make our own stuff, we grow our own food and we try to buy from local producers. We ran out of our big bunch of Dayleslford Organics garlic last week and guess what was available at the supermarket? MEXICAN garlic. Outrageous! I have nothing against the Mexicans themselves, but that garlic has travelled all that distance just to end up on my plate. So many things wrong with this picture. Next year I will buy double the amount of garlic and plant more in my own little patch.

The mexican garlic did mix well with local apples and pears to make a spicy little chutney number and I managed to find fresh tomato grown under plastic in Yendon (just down the road so to speak…much closer than Mexico) which I made a classic Tomato Relish from a CWA recipe. I’m such a tough guy, making relish and chutney in my spare time. Oh the excess testosterone! I’m simply gushing with it. Actually I’ve never been a neat fit for the Australian male stereotype. Thanks goodness for that!

Other recent food victories….we bought the El Deluxo food mixer and now making bread almost daily. It’s red and shinny and I recently walked into the kitchen unannounced and I’m sure I heard Kim speaking softly to it, and there was some amount of stroking going on. I just eat the bread and keep my mouth shut. She has been a bit odd since we finished making Thaw magazine. It’s one of those ‘just smile and wave boys, smile and wave’ sort of thing.

Also made a ripper pasta using the Jamie Oliver iPhone app. Fresh herbs out of my sorry looking winter garden. Herbs, beans and onions are the only thing doing in the dirt at the moment. I’m getting very excited about Spring, I imagine my garden is also looking forward too. Again with the testosterone.